Initial Distribution

Initial Distribution

  • Initial Supply: 100,000,000

Distribute Detail

  • veVS Airdrop to Protocol (18%): 18,000,000

  • VS/veVS Airdrop to Users (22%): 22,000,000

  • VS/veVS IDO (10%): 10,000,000

  • Ecosystem(20%): 20,000,000

  • Initial DEX Liquidity (5%): 5,000,000

  • Marketing/Reserve (7%): 7,000,000

  • Team(18%): 18,000,000

18% veVS Protocol Airdrop

18% of the initial veVS supply will be dedicated to airdropping protocols that show interest in engaging with our liquidity layer.

The selection process will consider factors such as TVL, trade volumes, and products while striving for a balance between native and external protocols. The list of protocols receiving the airdrop will be updated before the platform's official launch.

22% veVS Airdrop for Users

22% of the initial veVS to reward our partner protocol users. We'll distribute these tokens to users who demonstrate behaviors that promote long-term stability, such as locking, staking, holding, participating in governance, and continuing to support despite the challenges faced.

10% $VS/veVS IDO

10% of the initial supply will be distributed to $vs/veVS IDO.

  • Private sale: 3% (80% fully unlocked $VS + 20% veVS (locked for 1year) )

  • Whitelist & Public sale: 7%: (100% fully unlocked $VS)

20% Ecosystem Grants

20% of the initial supply will be used to support protocols that build on veSync and aims to accelerate the growth of veSync. Protocols in veSync ecosystem will receive great backing from the vsSync team (development, marketing, community, business, etc).

The ecosystem fund will be controlled by veSync multi-sig wallet and disclose all fund detail to the Sync DAO.

5% Initial DEX Liquidity

5% of the initial supply will be used to pair with $USDC and $ETH to provide liquidity at launch. 50% funds raised from IDO will be used to provide initial liquidity.

7% Marketing/Reserve

7% of the initial supply will be the protocol reserve fund, which can be used for marketing, community incentive, business development, and other use cases related to protocol growth.

Early Locking Bonus:

3% of the initial supply (43% of the Marketing share) will be used to reward loyal users for their early lock. On Epoch 0, the private, whitelist, and public sales investors can receive veVS bouns if they choose the lock their tokens. The locking time range is from 4 epoch to 52 epoch (1 year) and the bonus is up to 30%

We believe this bonus will show our appreciation for early support and contribute to the project's long-term sustainability.

18% Team Share

  • 100% - veVS (locked for 1 year)

The core team will receive voted-escrow(ve) tokens of the initial supply, which aims to make their interests align with veSync. This allows team members to participate in the growth of the protocol while having a long-term-oriented position.

The team will vote for core pair gauges at the platform's inception, aiming to achieve deep liquidity and low slippage for high-volume pairs without relying on bribing entities. These gauges will include $ETH, $USDC, and $VS denominated pairs.

The initial allocation gives the team enough control over the protocol to achieve the original vision of veSync, and the veVS team allocation will be held in the veSync multi-sig wallet.

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