There are 4 types of rewards on veSync:


Emissions refer to the distribution of new $VS tokens to liquidity providers who stake in active gauges as a reward for their participation in the protocol. Liquidity providers receive emissions proportional to their share of the total liquidity in a given liquidity pool.

Swap Fees

Users pay swap fees when they make trades against liquidity pools. The standard swap fee for stable pool is 0.02%. Swap fee for volatile pool is 0.2%. Swap fees accumulated in liquidity pools in veSync are redirected to gauge voters. These fees are proportionally distributed to gauge voters based on each voter's veVSvoting weight of a gauge.


Bribes are additional rewards that gauge voters may receive from external parties who wish to direct emissions toward a specific liquidity pool. These bribes are also distributed proportionally to each gauge voter's voting weight of a gauge.


veSync implements a weekly rebase mechanism to incentivize long-term locking of veVS and prevents dilution of voting power. The total supply of$VS tokens is dynamically expanded based on the total supply of locked veVS. veVS holders receive a share of rebase proportional to their voting power at the beginning of each epoch.

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