Gauge Voting

In veSync, veVS holders have the power to vote on which liquidity pools receive emissions in a given epoch by selecting their preferred liquidity pool gauges. The emissions are distributed proportionally based on the total votes received by each liquidity pool. In exchange for their vote, veVS holders receive 100% of the trading fees and bribes collected through the liquidity pool they vote for.

It’s important to note that each veVS holder can only take one action per epoch, such as voting for a gauge or resetting their vote state before merging their veVS NFT into another NFT. Limiting the number of actions per epoch reduces the risk of exploitative behavior and ensures a fair and democratic voting process.

Even if a veVS holder doesn’t take any action during an epoch; their voting power is still taken into account when calculating the weight of the vote upon epoch flip, based on the locked vesting slope.

To avoid any unexpected outcomes and maximize returns, it’s recommended always to cast 100% of your voting power. The epoch in veSync lasts for 7 days.

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